Why ShillDAO?

Select via DAO the projects that have real values, potentials, and those were underestimated. Get more people involved in the project growth via holding their tokens and promoting them voluntarily among and outside ShillDAO members.

How it works?

  1. Potential Project
  2. Project team/Token holders initiate Shill Proposal
  3. Submit Shill Proposal
  4. ShillDAO members vote whether to shill this project
  5. Proposal passed
  6. ShillDAO members hold project token and benefit from further shilling


ShillDAO is managed by a Telegram group and an Aragon governance tool.

Telegram group (DAO)

ShillDAO discussions and information sync will be done in Telegram group

Access threshold : Hold 2333 SHILL at least

Ragequit : ShillDAO uses the robot to automatically read the number of SHILL held by associate members. When the number of SHILL they hold is equal to or higher than the access threshold, the robot will send an invite link to them to join the Telegram group. If the number is lower than the access threshold, the robot will automatically remove them from the group and cancel their membership.

Members in ShillDAO telegram group : up to 233, with 543,589 SHILL in total

ShillDAO keeps the rights to remove the members, SHILL tokens will be returned the same ration of 1:233

DAO governance tool

ShillDAO governance will be done using Aragon DAO tools, including voting for proposals, DAO issues, etc.

Access mechanism : Anyone holding ShillDAO governance token (SHILL) will have an opportunity to participate in the governance.

ShillDAO link:


SHILL is the governance token of ShillDAO. With SHILL, you will have :

  • Rigths of governance, eg: making decision and voting, etc.
  • Rights of submitting proposal. Anyone who pays 23.3 SHILL or more can initiate proposals, more details please check the "How to submit proposals" below.

Total amount: 2,333,333 SHILL

Initial purchase price:

  • 10 ETH = 2,333 SHILL

DAO Initial Configuration

Founding members limit: < 100 ppl

Access threshold: stake 10 ETH

Creatation of liquility: 75% of the initial financing will be used to create SHILL liquidity on Uniswap and the liquidity will be permanently locked. The remaining 25% will be used as DAO reserve funds, which will be used to pay for website/smart contract development and related marketing expenses in the future.

How to participate afterwards?

After this phase, people can only buy SHILL on Uniswap or buy via Aragon Token Request with a higher price to participate in ShillDAO and provide their background information for membership reviews. DAO members will vote for/against his/her participation.

How to submit the proposal?

  1. Describe in detail about your proposal on Github, submit to Telegram group for the first review.
  2. Initiate and submit a proposal on Aragon, pay 23.3 SHILL (If submit a same proposal later, you need to pay double)(If the proposer want to provide token rewards, it should be described in Github issue, and transfer the token to ShillDAO before submitting the proposal.
  3. DAO member vote for the proposal
  4. If the proposal passed, the proposer will receive 233 SHILL as rewards, then DAO member start to shill this project! ( After the proposal submitted, each voter will receive 2.33 SHILL as rewards if the target price rise above 30%)

Please keep this in mind:

The key incentives for DAO members mainly come from his/her amount of holdings of the project tokens, not rewards!